Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sunday, November 01, 2009


First we reach The Curve a little bit late due to the bad weather. Lazy to elaborate,let the photo do the talking. ^^

Lee Peng and my sister

Lee Peng and the ghost

Loo Shin *Shen Chung say she's CUTE!*

Jia Jun with his doctor killer costume

May Ling

The ghost of the day. Spot which one is me!

It's me!!!

The couple ghost and Lee Peng *Sorry,don't know your name.*

The ghost and Lee Jiuan

May Ling looks scary.

Loo Shin drinking the blood drink. ^^

The girls

Me and Lee Peng

Hon Chong,Lee Peng,Shen Chung and me.

Then i got the best costume award of the year. Haha

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