Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Review of Immortals Movie 2011

Immortals was a great movie to watch  especially you are one of those big fans of Greek Myths. The film was previously named Dawn of War and War of the Gods before being officially named Immortals. 

Just when I am watching the movie, I saw Joseph Morgan in it as Lysander. Oh Mai God! I am his fans when he's in The Vampire Diaries as Niklaus, Klaus. He's so charming. Between, I just found out there's a pretty Indian women are casting in the movie, Freida Pinto. She is so pretty. After that, I found out some of the Indian lady are quite attractive. 

Luke Evans was very good looking. He's so suit as the character of Zeus. And as the daughter of Zeus, Athena, Isabel Lucas is way more pretty in the movie Immortals. She took my attention when she first scene in the movie. OH MAI GOD!

The place where all the GOD live are so nice in the design. I would love to design part of it in my future home as I am a future interior designer. That make sense of making it come true but before that what I have to do is earn my first million as young as possible. It will make all my dream come true when I hit it.

Alright, enough of my story. Here are some photo of  'Immortals 2011 movie'.

Henry Cavill as Theseus

Mickey Rourke as King Hyperion

Freida Pinto as Phaedra

Luke Evans as Zeus

John Hurt as Old Man

Joseph Morgan as Lysander

Isabel Lucas as Athena

Daniel Sharman as Aries

Kellan Lutz as Poseidon

Steve Byers as Heracles

Peter Stebbings as Helios

This is the place where the GOD live.

Watch the Immortals Official Trailer here. Do comment below about what you feel about the movie if you had watched. Cheers!


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