Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday, February 27, 2012

Live Longer and Better with Wine

For many decades, wine has been known as prized beverage throughout the world. Today wine, especially red wine, is prized for different reasons and mainly for it's health benefits. It was learned that drinking red wine in moderation might be one of the keys to healthy heart and a long life.

It was found that men who consumed moderate amounts if red wine had more than 30% reduced rusk in all cause mortality, including heart disease and all the types of cancer.

The latest studies provide even more reason to toast to your health as they show that wine is good but also for preventing other serious conditions such as cancer, arthritis and age-related macular degeneration.

Wine's positive effect on heart disease and other conditions is due mainly to its high concentration of powerful group of antioxidants known as phonetic compounds or flovonoid found in the skins and seed of red grapes.

Phonetic compounds by no means act alone when it comes to preventing disease. Resveratrol is another disease-resistant flovonoid that covers the skins of grapes and red wine and it help to prevent clot formation in the coronary arteries, resvetatrol gas also been shown to increase HDL cholesterol levels.

More and new studies of resvertrol are now focusing on its potential anti-cancer ability. Quercetin is another powerful antioxidant flovonoid that is found not only in red grape skins but also in fruits and other vegetables, including onions and garlic. It is gaining recognition for its role in fighting cancer and heart disease although it has been overlooked as an important compound in wine in the past.

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Safe House in Poland by KWK PROMES

Group of security officers and their dog, or a fire alarm that tells you within a few miles earlier, but also by the security which covers all parts of your house, it feels much more effective.

The KWK Promes-Designed home, called the Safe House design, is inspired by the horrendous events such as the nuclear disaster in Fukushima power plants on Japan, terrorism, robbery and the devastating tornado outbreak in South America and the Midwest. Feel the lack of security of a home, the architect creates an architectural model of a safe house design that never was before.

With a drawbridge and a variety of mechanical moving parts to operate, these compounds contain 6100-square-foot concrete cube designed by a client whose the main priority is to get a sense of maximum security in their future home. They want to live in essentially Batcave above the land with a swimming pool.

Wide glazings behind the movable walls let the building acquire energy. This house can actually open and close. This means that during the summer, this safe house design can prevent excessive of solar heat to enter the house. And in winter, it can absorb heat energy which is used as energy for heating the room naturally. In addition, heat pumps, solar powered system with gas heating and mechanical ventilation with heat recovery make this house into a smart passive buildings. This happens automatically every day. Open since morning and closed at dusk. This is a safe house design that has a cycle like the plants.

In order to penetrate the Safe House you would need to match all the required security entrance codes. Upon entrance, one would wait in the ‘safety zone’, an area bordered with concrete walls, before being let inside the house. When the home is in its closed state, it is reminiscent of a large concrete Rubik’s Cube. When in its open state, a draw bridge lowers, connecting the home to the indoor swimming pool, movable walls open, mobile shutters come up, and a rolling aluminum gate raises opening the home to an expanse of garden views. The entire home transforms with built in electronic engines, which means the house opens and closes with the touch of a button!

From the architects:

Architect: Robert Konieczny
Collaboration: Marcin Jojko, lukasz Zadrzynski
Interior Design: Magdalena Radalowicz - Zadrzynska
Site Area: 2500m2
Usable Floor Area: 567m2
Volume: 1719m3
Design: 2004-2005
Construction: 2005-2009
Photos: Aleksander Rutkowski

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday, February 20, 2012




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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Special Night at Black Magic

Don't wanna write much about it. Let's just view the photos for this post.

Rainbow effect. Monkey a.k.a Boon Chien, Me, Simon

Black Magic will be next!

Stine and me

Xin Yao, Cheng Hoe, Me, Monkey and Simon

Xin Yao, Me, Stine, Monkey, Simon

Again, J and C
Hoe and Stine. Lovely couple.

Hoe, Me and new mate there, Armand if I not mistake.

Last photo of the day.
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Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday, February 17, 2012

Jeremy Lin

Everyone is talking about Jeremy Lin. Who's he that everyone talk about him every single second. A Basketball player, is he good? How good is him? What's his playing style? Is he some kind of legend just like Micheal Jordan? All these thought pop-up randomly in my mind when I first don't care about who he is.

What I did the first thing was to search his game in Youtube. He's great. Asian style that I am familiar with, unlike the others NBA player. 191cm, 91kg is just nice to be in the team add on with his talent, he manage to play with his best in every game.

Let's study a little about him.

Jeremy Shu-How Lin (born August 23, 1988) is an American professional basketball player with the New York Knicks of the NBA. After receiving no athletic scholarship offers out of high school and being undrafted out of college, the 2010 Harvard University graduate reached a partially guaranteed contract deal later that year with his hometown Golden State Warriors. After his first year, he was waived by the Warriors and the Houston Rockets in the preseason before joining the Knicks early in the 2011–12 season. Lin is one of the few Asian Americans in NBA history, and the first American player in the league to be of Chinese or Taiwanese descent.

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mitsubishi Concept - RA

The MITSUBISHI Concept-RA continues a long tradition of sporty coupe concepts dating back to the 1972 debut of the Galant GTO R73-X show car, which showcased high-revving, high-output (200 hp) DOHC engine technology. Combining cutting-edge drivetrain technologies with the latest clean diesel engine design, MITSUBISHI Concept-RA demonstrates that a thrilling performance machine and a sense of environmental responsibility need not be mutually exclusive concepts.

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The Concept-RA features a "next generation" Super-All-Wheel Control (S-AWC) system that consists of an Active Center Differential, Active Yaw Control, Sports ABS and Active Stability Control component systems, as equipped on the very capable Lancer Evolution. For Concept RA, this vehicle dynamics enhancing, all-wheel-drive system is upgraded to include Active Steering and Active Damping Control elements to further improve driver control, as well as vehicle handling and stability. S-AWC integrally manages all of these systems to realize advanced levels of control over drive torque and braking, thereby improving traction, cornering and vehicle stability. This complex system of electronic traction and driveline control help create intuitive, on-demand vehicle behavior that faithfully reflects driver intent under all driving conditions, from everyday use to emergency avoidance situations.

MITSUBISHI Concept-RA is powered by a new high-output, low-emissions 2.2-liter 4-cylinder DOHC 16-valve turbo diesel engine. This engine features the Mitsubishi innovative Valve timing Electronic Control (MIVEC) system valvetrain that offers continuously variable valve timing control. The new diesel engine is equipped with piezoelectric injector common-rail direct fuel injection that allows a lower compression ratio and a VD (Variable Diffuser)/VG (Variable Geometry) turbocharger. The 2.2-liter engine delivers a maximum output of 201 hp (150 kW) and maximum torque of 310 ft-lbs (42.8 kg-m). In an effort to comply with U.S. emissions standards (Tier 2 Bin 5 emission regulations), the clean diesel unit relies on a new catalytic converter exhaust system that utilizes diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC), NOx trap catalyst (NTC) and diesel particulate filter (DPF) technologies. When this is mated to a Twin Clutch-SST gearbox, the torque-rich diesel engine will deliver sportier performance with a high degree of fuel efficiency.

MITSUBISHI Concept-RA makes extensive use of lightweight materials in its contruction to help reduce vehicle mass for improved performance, fuel economy and safety. The athletically styled coupe features a new body structure that utilizes an aluminum space frame made from extruded aluminum sections and die-cast aluminum components; while the hood, fenders and other outer panels are molded from impact-resistant and easily recyclable plastic resin.

Specifications :

  • Overall length (mm) : 175 inches (4,445 mm)
  • Overall width (mm) : 74.6 inches (1,895 mm)
  • Overall height (mm) : 51.8 inches (1,315 mm)
  • Wheelbase (mm) : 103.7 inches (2,635 mm)
  • F/R track (mm) : 63.2 inches (1,605 mm)
  • Occupants : 2
  • Engine : 2.2-liter in-line four cylinder Clean Diesel
  • Max. output : 201 hp (150 kW)
  • Max torque. : 310 ft. lbs. (42.8 kg-m)
  • Driveline : Full-time 4WD (S-AWC)
  • Transmission : Twin Clutch SST
  • Tires : 285/30R21

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