Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday, March 26, 2010

Time to Change!

My blog are so dead now. Sometimes, I wish to have a girl friend in order to do something that I wanted to. As I seeing someone's facebook profile, I found this girl which will be my type of girl. The girl with black and red tops. The looks from outside are totally... totally what I...
You know what I'm thinking right? ^^

Honestly, I'm living in a bad life now. Everything is going the way i dislike, everyday is not my day. Today, there's a sentences of word made my mind think more than usual.

' One of the biggest mistakes in life is being in comfort zone. '

This really give me an urge to change myself and the life I had now. I deserve a better life!
I'm thinking if I really move out without my family, will I have a better life? A life without family support, and then support my own self in this world. I think it would be better than now. Maybe?!?!

Every day when I woke up, there's always a meal in the kitchen and I can have it just like that without putting any effort to get it. I'm getting more and more useless.

And yet, sometimes I really hate being myself. I always inspire to do something, but end up there's always saying without any action.
One of my friend always said he don't stop and don't rest till he get what he want. This words makes me hate him very much!! Haha, the 'hate' is in the good way. I would get burning desire every time he said something good about himself. All of it will take as reference in myself.

Here's a short clip that always get me up in life!
Nick Vujicic

It's time to change for have a better tomorrow!


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