Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday, October 10, 2011

9-10-11 Double ring Moon

Tonight's moon is special! Perhaps it's because today is 9-10-11 (9th October 2011). I can hear wolf howling when I looking at the moon. *Just kidding*   =)

I would like to try lying down on a field or any nice place to watch the moon and count the stars. Didn't have the chance to do so, and hope to buy myself a DSLR.

A gadget that I feel like getting it so badly. I can take down all the nice photo any where I go. The most important is I can go travel with it and take lots of photo. This would be one of my interest and I am enjoy doing it. Photography is just something new for me and it take practice to be perfect.

Did I mention I just went for a shooting section with my family this afternoon? It's the first time I went into a studio for photo shoot. The experience is good and memorable. Will post up those photo once I got the soft copies from the shop, would be about 2 weeks time.

A little thing to share here, one of the staff there have a very nice eyes. At first, I taught she was one of my friend when she only show half of her face. =D

A photo can speaks a thousand words. Have to back to The Vampire Diaries S3E4. Will post a blog post about werewolf tomorrow. Stay tune.


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