Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Former TVB actor Wang Wei(王伟) passed away.

The evening of December 6, 18:30, the daughter of former TVB actor Wang Wei(王伟), Wang Congxi(王从希) in their own micro-Sina Bo said, his father has recently died, now the father has been put to rest. Wang Wei was born in 1939, has starred in more than an important role in TVB Jingdian Ju focus, such as the 96 version of “Swordsman” in Yue Buqun, “Eagle Shooting Heroes” in the Wanyanhonglie and so on.

Wang Congxi in their own micro-Bo said: “Recently been busy to take care of my father’s funeral, my father during his lifetime has always been low-key, even died, did not want to lavishly. Father has buried my father the most respected : I am always proud of you, you will always be in my heart. “

Wang Wei, whose real name is Wang Yongwei(王永伟), retired in 2002 from TVB, now living in Toronto, Canada, Markham, in 1963 by his father’s friends to join Ngee film company to shoot the famous Mandarin in 1971 to join the television industry. He starred in many TV sets are popular, both in the ATV or the shot is now on the radio drama, the role is very popular. He starred in the “Swordsman”, “Eagle Shooting Heroes,” “The Deer”, “Step into the Past” and the audience is not familiar.

Wang married in 1971, his wife of 70 years of fashion supermodel He Mengnuo, emigrated to Canada in 1990, Toronto, and has two children and a daughter, the eldest son of the king from Woodland, his second daughter, Wang Congxi by participating in the 2003 Miss Hong Kong to join TVB .

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