Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Our Graduation Trip, Perhentian Island

We have decide to go Perhentian Island for our trip out of Redang Island and Lang Tengah. It's quite a good choice to go to Perhentian Island cause all of us didn't step on it before and it's a really great experience. Please allow me to show you the fun we had there.

It's US, total of 8 person.

Feeding fish / fishes with bread.

Colorful fish and I saw Nemo. =)

This is where you can jump from. The captain only allow us to jump from the 1st level, but next time I would like to try jump from the top. You'll never feel that alive after you jump, trust me. But be safe only if you know how to swim or have a good guide from your captain.

This is how we jump!
THIS place is a must to go and JUMP if you're going to Perhentian island. Comment below if you jumped before or wish to jump, we can always share our experience.

Then captain bring us to this place for shower. What's so special about this place, the water here is from the mountain and it's very cold. If you are going over to Perhentian island, this is a place you have to come to feel the mountain water, it feel so fresh, clear and clean.

It's me for the first one

Saw all those photo? Everyone of us are really enjoy showering with the water. The last photo of mine can show you how great it feels. =)  And now it's Simon and my sexy back. Gotta train more on my back to get a nicer figure. Extra place we went are, Long Island where all the tourists are, especially foreigner. And the wave there is really nice, where you can go surfing if only you have surfing knowledge. It's not advisable to go too far beyond the beach. You never know what the wave can do to you. Safety first!

This is our only one graduation trip after we finish 3 years Diploma. This 3 years, we really know each others well and did changed / grow a lot. 3 years is like it's just been 3 day or weeks, time flies real fast and it would be the best memories we had. The relationship between everyone of us will still be so strong until our old days. Will blog about my next trip to Bali this July after I come back. 

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  1. Hi there

    i would be gg to Perhentian Island probably in Nov. any adv? shark point was it scary? sharks didn't attack?
    Monkey bar, can i know roughly what the price range was like?

    Lastly, how did u book a trip to this island. i wanna go there so badly, but really have no idea on how to do it. you help will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you


    you can reply me via email...

    1. Hi, Sharon. That's funny when someone call me monkey bar. ;-)

      Well, there's nothing scary about Shark point. There's probably just about a few baby sharks swimming around, you may need some luck and patience. However sharks are afraid of human rather than we do and they won't attack as long as we are not offensive. But you won't be fast enough to chase it either.

      Unfortunately, November would be the time you want to skip Perhentian Island because that's the off season where monsoon wind blows. Best time to go would be within April till August. So the price will be slightly cheaper if you go on end of March or the month of September.

      I book my trip through a tour. There are plenty on the internet that you can go for.
      But you can also just book an accommodation of your preference in the island and look for snorkeling trips/packages after you reach there. else, book it with the resort you are attach with, its pretty flexible.

      Hope it helps^^