Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New LG Crystal Phone

We made a movie after school,don't know what's the title yet. Will post it after the director,Yong Chin finish edit!


Here come the new LG crystal phone,GD900 *LOVE*

The GD900,is billed as the world’s first phone with a transparent design handset. Not everything on the slider handset is transparent (the mechanical components are the old-fashioned opaque variety) but the rear slider is translucent and the keypad gives off a glittering show. LG promises a Bluetooth headset is in the works which will match the clear design of the phone itself.

In the meantime, the GD900 has a futuristic look that is bound to win some devotees early on. Often it is the simple but beautiful item that wins out in the end. Expect the LG GD900 clear handset phone to show up in stores sometime in the third quarter of 2009.

LG GD900 Promo Video


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  1. LG has made its name in the mobile industry. I like all the LG phone models. The LG Crystal GD900 is the latest cell phone in the market. It has a fantastic design. the voice clarity is very nice. People will be amazed by the transparent touchpad.The display is fantastic. The messaging system is very simple and easy to use. I am satisfied by 8 mega-pixel camera. The sound quality is nice.