Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Day trip to KL

It's 1st of june now!! What had you did in the past 5 month? Achieved your target? How much did u develop yourself? Think about it for a better tomorrow.

Monday,May 29,2009

After school,i went for movie with my classmate. Watched Teminator Salvation! Ah Zhu was sitting 3 role behind my seat. For me,the movie is still okay. I din't really watch Teminator before.

Here are some photo about that day!

Look at my weird face.

CK,me and Jeff!

Then,we had lunch at Carls Junior.

Saturday,May 30,2009

I went KL with my friends,Edwin,AhZhu,Xin Yao and CK. We walk almost the whole day,the venue we had been to is Time Square,Sungai Wang,Lot 10,Pavillion,Low Yat and also went in Star Hill to have lunch! Haha. The most intrest part is we took alot weird photo that day.

Here there are!

Choon Kheng

Xin Yao



Ah Zhu


Edwin was trying to make 'my lips like sugar'


Goku and Luffy

I like this! so nice.

Look at AhZhu.

Are we look alike?

We'll never let each other go!!

Even pee,we're also together ^^

We get sample of Calvin Klein's perfume by just type a sentence of word with our phone.

-Husband n Wife-

I went Bar Celona with my other group of friends later on. I meet the a girl that i used to L**E very much before,she was like changed to another person that i don't know much. But i still have the feeling on her. After saw her,i got no mood to enjoy. Maybe this is one of the reason!
Don't wanna talk much about this. And i really hate those people who SMOKE that day. They will know more about lung cancer soon as i mention last 2 post!

I got a target to achieve before i'm 18 this year. Try guess what's it!


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