Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Stop Smoking

Today i wanna talk about smoking! Actually i really hate those people who smoking include my family and friends. There's not even have 1 benefit on smoking,yet it have alot of bad effect and ending!

Do you smoke?

Every breath you take will eventually shorten your life!

How long can you live?

It also harm unborn babies!!

Here have 2 retard photo! *try to calculate how long can he live.*

Stop smoking or you'll end up like this!

I would say:

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  1. totally agree..i don't like people who smokes too.
    I'll just see them as idiots.
    Wasting money doing something that harm their body..

  2. Molly;yea! there will never have 1 benefit on snoking! You're the first girl agree with me.

  3. omg..u said i'm the first girl who agree with you..
    does this mean that there were no other girls who agreed this??!!

  4. no. i mean you're the 1st girl agree with me on my blog! Hahah.