Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Third Day

Just finish watch Iljimae from the TV,last episode will be at 19th of may! Aww,such a nice drama. Jun Ki is so leng chai. Wish i can take photo with him! Hehehe.

-Lee Jun Ki as Iljimae-

Woke up around 10a.m today,after eat my breakfast i continue my sleep again. Till my mom ask me to help her take care of those small kids,so tired but they're CUTE!

Anna,Ming and Qing!

playing around


Aww,so sweet!

The photo qualities are very poor! Wanna buy a better camera phone soon. Still consider what phone should i buy. At least 5megapixel and have WLAN! That's all i need for my new phone.

I guess tomorrow will skip school again,haha. I'm not lazy okay! Just don't want waste my time there and the school haven't start this week. Till now no one call me out! Just now my friend say want go Cheras 'pasar malam',but all her friends are busy. Actually i wanted to ask her go with me,but we're not close to each other. Plus i think she's my best friend's girlfriend! Haha. I don't want any misunderstand. Alright,wanna find some food and eat! Chiow.

Love this song,enjoy!


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  1. U sounded gay with that lee jun ki admiration....