Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Second Day

Boring boring and just boring at school! Gonna skip school tomorrow and hang out with Edwin. Haha,wait him to call me tomorrow. There's ice breaking activities for us to know each others during school time. Sorry to say that,i can't remember most of the student's name! *Pai seh*

The weather's so damn fucking HOT! Don't like the weather in Malaysia,sometimes nie la. After school,we play basketball together. Love play ball with my friends,there's alot of fun when we been together! So appreciate we know each others,i'll treasure every moment we spend together. Love you guys!

I'm still thinking wanna buy a phone for myself? SE G900 will be my target! If i buy the phone,i'll have no more money to buy other things that i want such like a new spec and more or hang out with my friends! I just want a better camera phone to take those memorable moment! Haha. Any idea?

Okay,gonna sleep soon even tomorrow not going school! Now,i'm taking good care of my face. Hahaha ^^


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  1. With that fon's price,u better keep ur old one la.Change a spec,do some facial or watever u want i think u still got money left for a 8MegPix or above camera.

  2. Haiyoo. My face's getting better ady la! Most important is sleep early.
    And i dint say i want to sell my K750i,buy another extra 1 ma.

  3. I don't encourage u selling it as well,keep i mean keep using it.
    and extra,fuyoh,thousand over u gimme the money better.

  4. haha. i wont buy those phone over thousand la! below 800 de. I'll think is it worth onot de la!