Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Good or Bad News?

Maybe i'm going Cameron Highland with my family on 29th of august,so there will be no celebration for my sweet 18th birthday! Sobs^^

Actually wanna celebrate it at Genting Highland with friends,but than mostly will to cancel it. But i think of so hard only can go holidays with my familes,maybe this's a good choice!
After saying this,the word 'success is by choice not by chance' float in my mind now!

Yesterday have a talk with my best friend,then i found out that he and me got the same goal. Haha. i would say together we achieve the goal. ^^

Have to start study now,exams is on next Wednesday! Good night,peeps.


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  1. wei..nt celebrating ur bday d?? ..emm..well..gud for me is can study bad for me is cant crazy wit u guys..tot can wish u face to face after 12am on 29th de..since u have trip wit family..enjoy thn~ take