Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Just for you zhu!

The tittle sound weird right? Let me introduce you the star of the day.

Happy 19th birthday to Tam Chee Yoong
I used to call him 'Ah Zhu' since we know each other about 6 years ago. Sounds cute right?

Time passes so fast. You're 19 from now on, we grow together, play together, study together. Almost everything we do it together.

This was you five years ago. Looks almost the same size as me, but now ...... Haha!

We eat ......

And we walk .....

We study together ......

Even PEE, we're still the together! ^^

Seriously, we seldom talk to each other and even we didn't talk much, but there's a great bond between us. Feel so weird saying out this kind of things, anyway I'll treasure our friendship.
~Friends forever ~

Last but not least,

Wish you well in life, have a healthy and happy life!
Take care.


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  1. Ehehhe....I've moved to new house. Come,give me soem new decorations to enlighten my new home~~