Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A New Year Bright With Promise!

A new year has come to mean a time for new resolutions : self-promise to do better, to overcome bad habits, to improve one's lifestyle.

It's a matter of goal setting, which is always a good idea especially when done properly. Here are few hints which have worked.

  1. Pick a long-range goal - one for the entire year. You can break it down later into segments.
  2. Pick a goal you really think you can achieve. Not too easily, of course, butt still attainable. Then raise it by at least half again. If you think you can reach the first, I think you can reach the second, when you really make up your mind to do it.
  3. Write it down, this is important. It's human nature to feel always there to remind you. At any rate, write it down.
  4. Post the written goal where you can see it. Not where everybody can, just where you can. Everyday, and keep it there.
Follow these suggestions, and you'll be off and running into a new year bright with promise. You'll be a different person a year from now, ready to follow this hint for the following year : raise your goals again!

To make things change, first we must change!
That's what I always said.

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