Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

You Are What You Eat

Hello people, today I'm gonna talk about you are what you eat!

The food you eat is your body's fuel, supplying the energy you need for everything that you do, every minute of your life. Energy supplies which are not used immediately are stored in your body for future use and accumulate as fat. Why would anyone want to store more fat in his body and then complain of putting on more weight? This is one area where saving for the future is not advisable because your body is not an energy-saving bank.

However unusual or delicious a particular food may be, as far as your body is concerned, it is simply a source of fuel the enable you to survive. Whatever you eat, be it the finest caviar or a humble potato, your body uses it in the same way - by breaking down into nutrients and converting these into energy.

The energy in food is found in three main forms: proteins, carbohydrates and fats. This energy is measured in calories.

The Energy In Food
What you eat is significant too. Digesting any food uses energy; but some, especially those high in fat, need less energy to digest than proteins or carbohydrates such as grains and pulses. All food provides some calories, but some are more concentrated in the amount they contain.

Exercise And Fatigue
When you exercise, your muscles convert the stored energy from your body into compounds that enable you to move and produce body heat. the main fuels for this process are carbohydrate and fat. Your body stores carbohydrate as glycogen in your muscles and liver. The point at which you feel fatigue during exercise often coincides with a depletion of your carbohydrate stores. Once these are used up, your body calls upon your reserves of fat, and starts to metabolize fatty acids (the main chemical units of fat) in order to release energy. Your fat reserves are larger than your carbohydrate.

Gain Confidence To Lose Weight
Be patient! It took time to put on weight, so getting it off will also take some time.

After all, my general advise would be to stay fit, you only have one body. And eat well - food is what makes your body work. Good food makes your body last longer.

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