Saturday, May 1, 2010

Saturday, May 01, 2010

12 Things to Remember

I just found out something about inspiration, and I found out it's actually quite useful for everyone of us in our daily life. I've listed it down here as 12 things to remember.
  1. Life is short. If you are stressed, worry, eat unhealthy, or focus on the negative  "stuff" ...  your life will end up being even shorter.
  2. Your trouble of today are only temporary. Look for the silver lining.   If you look hard enough, you will find the silver lining, and it will make all the difference in how you perceive your situation and how you feel. 
  3. When things are good in your life, they will seldom become great. We rarely make changes when things are good.   Only when we hit rock-bottom, are we forced to make changes... and that will lead you to greatness. So if you have hit rock-bottom, hold on to your socks and start celebrating because... your greatest life is just around the corner!
  4. Stop starring at the closed door. (the negative stuff), search for all the open doors (opportunities) all around you. There are many. 
  5. You are perfect. Regardless of what have you been told, what people think, or how people treat you - you are perfect exactly the way you are. 
  6. The only opinion that counts is your own opinion of yourself.
  7. You already have all the answer - they are just lost in the mental fog. Clear your mind of all clutter and negative chatter. Meditate, exercise, journal, and take time for yourself to reflect.
  8. Don't follow the crowd. It will only take you places where others want to go. 
  9. Today is tomorrow, so stop procrastinating. Get out there and start living your greatest life.
  10. Be different, be bold, be loving, and always follow your heart.
  11. Be conscious of what you are feeding your mind.
  12.  When the going gets tough... GIVE
No matter how bad things are, there is always someone, somewhere, in a worse situation. Give your time, money, or even just a compliment.

Make A Difference!


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