Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Advertlets screening of Nightmare On Elm Street

Just came back from Advertlets screening of Nightmare On Elm Street. Thanks to Ellie Chee and Josh Lim for the ticket.

I was been searching Ellie to cam photo, but can't find her around the GSC. After movie, I met Josh in the toilet. Ahaha, you guys will think why is it in the toilet and not else where. I drink too much during the movie, and it's so cold inside there, that's the reason I'm rushing to the toilet. Josh told me that Ellie is not feeling very well, can't attend today.

This is for Ellie,
She is going for a H1N1 vaccination jab tomorrow. Get well soon! We will meet at some other event.

Best regards, Guan Yi.


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  1. Didn't cam with Josh in the toilet? XD

  2. why wanna cam in the toilet? isn't it weird to be? ahahah. i'm sure he will feel the same way.