Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday, January 20, 2012

Color Picker Pen by Jinsu Park

Impressive! Korean designer Jinsu Park has created this color picker pen that basically brings the eyedropper to real life. The pen can scan objects and detect the colors, then users can then use the detected color to draw.

The color picker pen has a RGB Color Sensor for detecting color, a color display showing the color detected. When color is detected, the RGB ink cartridge inside the pen will mix the inks to create the color.

The sensor of the pen detects the color of the apple.

It turn into the apple's color just similar to the use of eyedroppper.

The sensor of the pen detects the color of the leaf.

Color of nature, leaf

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  1. Malaysia got sell then good lo. :D damn cool lo..

  2. Yeah, it will sell in Malaysia if the product is marketable. But don't think it will be cheap. =D