Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday, April 27, 2009

Nasional Service

I came back from Nasional Service last 22days due to some reason! Haha. Look at the comparism about me. (Sorry that i'm naked)

What? I'm hairless.

Kem Pelangi Hill

The camp was still under construction and i was glad to be the first group there! I enjoy very much with my new friends,we talk about many stuff there first week! Only the first day will be strange for me! Jason,a part time model teached me how to take care of my face,how to walk like a model and some Pole Dance! *I learned some from him.* Hehe. Just like this

Love this so much!

Until the day before i came back,i'm mad on the fella sleeping beside me. Everyones call him penguin,this is the 'penguin's shape'. Try imagine how he looks like!

I just can't stop laughing everytime i saw him. Back to the last night,i just knew a friend,Alvin. A Sabahan. We plan to throw the beetles he found last few day to 'penguin' face when he's sleeping! We were so excited until alvin lose the beetles. I was so disappointed at the moment. He just make me hate him before i leave the place. I miss the fun i had there and my red+gold+blonde hair! Cause i dye my hair once SPM's over,and my hair colour looks different in every moment!

Snapshot at my hometown.

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