Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thursday, April 02, 2009

In Memory of Leslie Cheung

I feel so SORRY! I should post this up yesterday,the day Leslie Cheung went away. This post is all about Leslie Cheung! Leslie Cheung was born in Kowloon,Hong Kong. His last album Everything Follows the Wind was released three months after his death. For thousands of his music lovers, Leslie Cheung is like a gentle breeze that has freshened up their worlds with his own stories; though it was out of each one's expectation that it extended to a tragic ending. After all, no matter how you remember Leslie Cheung, his crooning ballads and seductive insolence will definitely be a lingering touch in your heart.

On April 1st five years ago, the Asian entertainment industry and Chinese community world-wide were shocked by the death of Hong Kong singer, actor Leslie Cheung, who was also known by his Chinese name, Zhang Guorong. As one of Asia's most popular performers and intriguing personalities, Leslie Cheung is a legend of Hong Kong showbiz whose color never faded. Dearly nicknamed as elder brother by his friends and his fans, Cheung was considered as a phenomena of Hong Kong who contributed to the founding of the booming Cantopop scene, and who combined a hugely successful film and music career. So with today's i will pay tribute to this legendary figure of artistic talents and smoldering charisma, Leslie Cheung.

From now on you will stay forever in my heart
From now on you'll be with me though we were apart
From now on I somehow just know I'll never let you go
Away from me from now on


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