Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Sniper 神枪手

I watched this movie just now! 'The Sniper 神枪手' It was a nice movie for me and i like the three main characters when they use the sniper. Maybe all guys will like this movie because of sniper. Awesome!!

If you are watching this movie, then my guess is that you are here to watch Edison Chen and wonder what happened to this fella after he got caught shagging a few girls and still managed to appear here.

All I have to say that the plot for 'The Sniper' is really shallow and all three main characters are underutilised and does not even have enough screentime to develop their personalities. It feels like the director couldn't control his urge to pull the trigger and just BAMMMB- end of story. Richie Jen plays a not-so-believable leader of the sniper squad. Edison looks fake as a policeman even in uniform and what more as a elite sniper member. The only saving grace was Huang Shao Ming (best known starring as Yang Guo in Return of the Condor Heroes) as the good guy-turned-bad guy sniper.


MING (RICHIE JEN) is renowned as the top shooter in the police force. But behind the legend lies a skeleton in the closet: his former teammate and superb marksman CHING (Huang Xiaoming), who was jailed for accidentally killing a hostage, has just been released. With only vengeance in his mind, Ching determines to take on Ming and the police, believing they are the real culprits for his fall. When a high-security prisoner transfer is sabotaged by a mysterious sniper and a major convict has escaped, Ming and his team are dispatched to profile the suspect. O (EDISON CHEN), the hot-headed rookie on the team, surprises everyone by accurately replicating the suspects impossible shots. Ming sees the potential in this youngster and decides to take him under his wing. Yet when O becomes fascinated by Ching and determines to top his shooting skills, he might become another wild card on the loose. Meanwhile, Ching continues his plan with the largest heist ever in the city. Believing that Ming had withheld key evidence that could free him, Ching decides to lure his target in by holding Ming's daughter as hostage and re-enacting that fateful day. It is the ultimate showdown amongst three expert snipers in the Hong Kong cityscape...


I like the tattoo on his back!

And the movie 'Coming Soon' i watched last two day,maybe i'll watch it again if my friend ask me to,even it's scary and horror! Although she did something to me when we watch 'Shutter' last year,i still wanna watch with her. Haha. Maybe my friends will tell me: 'you dare to watch with her again arh?' If you wanna watch,just call me. I'm okay with you now ^^


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