Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bagan Lalang, Malaysia

Went to Bagan Lalang for a family trip. After 1 hour plus, we reach the place at around 10 a.m.. Then we settle down our stuff at a shady place.

I have many photo to post up, better let the photo do the talking instead of thinking what to write. ^^

I look so weird!
Here's the place we found!
Choon Ho, sister and Wei Yi left behind!
Myself, Sister & Choon Ho
My fat brother,Wei Yi walking toward the sea.
Looking at my nephew
There place we sit, shady enough!!!
Wei Yi
Walk alone toward the sea
What are we doing?
Can you see?
How about now? I guess you should know by now.
Taking the sand!
The lake we do for the castle.
Wall of the castle
Sister again~~~
Little nephew, Xiao Qiang!
Jing Yi making sand ball.
Choon Kheng
Taking the sea water from quite far for the first time.
Finally reach!
Almost done.
Done!!! Our castle.
Model of the day!!
Choon kheng and the castle. *take one*
*take two*
Added something on the top.
Cat walking
We are somewhere there to take water ! About 2KM from the beach, and it's so hot out there. Can you imagine that?
Finally are back!
Taking off the shirt!!  *showing off muscle*
Crab we caught on the way we get water.
Don't know what is that.
Xiao Qiang making something  ^^
Mission accomplish!!
I'm so proud!
The brother are going to be kite runner!
UFO? or kite?
Me myself.
I bought this, Pin-wheel
That's all for now! Have a nice day.

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