Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bon Odori 2010

Hello people. Attended Bon Odori, a Japanese festival held at Shah Alam yesterday with my family and friends. Evey year my mood almost turn very bad because of some people. This won't happen next year any more. ^^ All go by self, that's the best way. NO leading or directing!

Okay, let's talk about the day.

Planned to reach there at 4pm but something delay the journey, yet then we reach there about 5.30 and had to park the car at a very far place.

Sister and Mother
Ice-cream stall
Cute little girl with her Kimono!

The people there are getting more and more as the time goes. What else to say? I can see the people attending the event are increasing every year with my observation. ^^

Edwin, Wei Keong, Mun Hong, Me and Sister.
Waiting for next year and the Bon Odori competition. ^^
End my post here. Have a nice day people.

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