Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sunday, July 04, 2010

KLCC, Archidex 2010

Hello, I just came back from KLCC. Feel so tired after the day out there, but it's quite a nice experience there.

Look what I got from there.

A cute key chain from Nippon.

Guess what is this?


Got it now?

Nippon money bank!!! I want it but too bad, it's belong to my brother.

Got a voucher too.

Colour pallet book.

Sorry people, I don't have any photo of with the event. Cameras and/or any form of recording during/inside the exhibition halls are not allowed without prior authority. Only photographers with prior accreditation will be allowed access to the exhibition.
Let me show you what I have done for my drawing this week.

How is it people? Did my drawing skill improved? Still have 3 more drawing and painting to be complete tomorrow. Have a nice day ^^

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