Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Inception and outing with college mate

Hello people,I went Sunway Pyramid with my college mate yesterday.

Boon Chien and me
Shireen and Ashok
Where are we when talking this photo?
Discussing where to eat
They said I look muscular.
Alex hiding behind me.
Ashok, Shireen, Soo Wei and Juju
All of us
So sleepy
Shalini and Angela
Fish market.
Had movie after that, watched Inception.

I'm like the movie, as like how they create the dream. About the architecture and more. It's so interesting and cool. They can do anything they want in the dream. Make the impossible possible in the dream.

I like the part when Ariadne (Ellen Page) appear to create the dream. She's so cute.

I'm kind of a very easy understandable, full of imagination and maybe very creative people. I find that I can very easy understand what the movie is about. I can roughly guess the next scene when I watch any movie or show. ^^
Some people said the movie are not nice,  maybe they not so good in understanding. *No offense*

Okay, I have to back to my holiday assignment now. Will going for a few trip after done all my assignment. Place are still considering. Have a nice day people. Take care ^^

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