Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Digital SLR Camera

Hello people. Today I'm gonna talk about Digital SLR camera. ^^

As technology improves, a Single Lens Reflex (SLR) camera nowadays is cheaper to get especially when we are talking about Digital SLR (DSLR). DSLR is a camera with a digital sensor that records images digitally, replacing film used in traditional SLR. DSLR are generally bigger, heavier and more expensive as compared to compact or "point and shoot" camera, widely available in the market now. But following are a few reasons and comparisons which I found it on the web!

The inner part of DSLR

When you hold on to a DSLR, no doubt it would be heavier than compact cameras. But you would definitely feel that the grip, feel and hold are much better. Try experiment the difference between shooting using a compact camera and a DSLR. You would immediately feel that shooting with a DSLR would provide a firmer and more comfortable grip. Also, important photography functions like White Balance, ISO, Aperture, Metering Modes, etc are easily assessable in a DSLR. That is provided if a compact camera have these functions too. Do this simple experiment yourself (between a DSLR and compact camera) and you will totally understand and agree with me.

Unlike any compact camera, you are able to detach and change the lens from the body of a SLR to give a variance field of view. Thus unlike a compact camera, you would not be limited by the field of view available by the brand and model. Although the lenses of the SLR are expensive but as technology progress, these lenses (for DSLR) are less expensive to get nowadays. There are a wide range of lenses available, example fisheyes, wide angle, telephoto, macro, etc. You could choose to get the necessary lens suitable to the area of photography you like.

One big advantage a DSLR had over compact camera is the response time. The start-up time (from Off to On state) of the DSLR is usually a fraction of a second. This would ensure that you would not miss a shot when needed, which I believe you would encounter frequently when using a compact camera. A DSLR allows you to shoot a continuous burst of pictures at high speed which is an excellent feature for fast moving subjects. The Auto-Focus of a DSLR is definitely much faster, more accurate and thus controllable.

The setting preview.

The image quality from a DSLR is much better as compared to a compact camera. Also, for the same reason, a compact camera would produce are more noisy picture as compared to a DSLR of the same ISO. This is due to the smaller sensor size of the compact camera as compared to a DSLR, even if they are of the same pixel resolution. The surface area of a DSLR sensor is much bigger compared to compact camera and therefore they have better light gathering ability. With this, a stronger signal is achieved and thus garners better Signal to Noise Ratio. On top of that, a DSLR is capable of recording images in an uncompressed RAW format which allows you to process the image yourself later in custom software which could enhance the results of your picture.

If I could have all of this, I'll cry!!!!

Above are some of the major reasons and differences on why you should get a DSLR if you are keen in photography. Many beginners worried that they would not know how to use a DSLR due to their complex features and etc. Fear not as new entry level DSLR is very user-friendly and easy to use. A lot of photography information is also widely available in the internet and you can join reputable photography forum to learn from others experiences and ask questions.

Hope you benefited from this article and have fun with photography!


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  1. "The surface area of a DSLR sensor is much bigger compared to compact camera and therefore they have better light gathering ability." Well... the reason really is that the individual pixels on the sensor are farther apart on a larger sensor and therefore do not interfere with each other via heat transfer and it is this heat transfer that creates noise.