Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Car Lover!

Hello people. How're you people? I'm doing very well here. Just a sudden, I have the urge to blog about the car that I will buy in future. Which car is the best? I should compare everything. The outlook, design, engine capacity, price, Colour, number of seat and is it reasonable?

First is the Toyota Celica / Celica recond. 4 seated.
Which colour is the best? Is the door open upwards is better?

Second this is Honda Integra DC5. It looks a little like Honda Civic, but it have 4 seat

This is the Nissan Skyline GTR R34. I really love this after I watched 'Fast and Furious'. Especially in blue colour as show below in the photo. It is 4 seated too.

Now come to the car I like the most. Nissan Fairlady 350z. For me, the car should be in white or fair colour. You know why? Because it is call Fairlady. The bad thing is there's only 2 seated.

Engine Capacity (cc) Current New
< 1,000 RM30     1001 – 1200  RM55     1201 – 1400  RM70     1401 – 1600 RM100.10 to RM127.50 RM90    1601 – 1800   RM200.40 to RM280     1801 – 2000  RM280.50 to RM380     2001 – 2500  RM381 to RM880     2501 – 3000  RM882.50 to RM2130     3001 – 5000  RM2134.50 to RM11130 

Road tax Calculator

So what's you words? Tell me. Cheers! :D

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