Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday, August 06, 2010

Kanching Waterfall

Hello people! :)   Wednesday 4th August 2010, Went to Kanching waterfall located between Rawang and Selayang. Let's look at the photo I took.

Map of the place

Quiinyi and Leonie

Going to the top


Chienny and Quiinyi

Me and Quiinyi


3rd Waterfall

Trying to climb tree! Monkey~~

Ewww, A lot leeches there.

Sylvia with the pose

Can you feel the water?

Leonie, Sylvia, Quiinyi and monkey!

You Wei, Sylvia, Melvin, Leonie, Quiinyi and Chienny

Quiinyi  :)

Melvin jump

I slide down from the left rock. :D


Prefer this?

Or this?


Feel the water!


Nice right?

With fast shutter speed

And this is with slow shutter speed.

Finally reach the entrance.

Many long tail monkey there.

Pretty girl Quiinyi

Thanks to Sylvia for the trip. I did enjoy very much, can wait for the next trip out there.How's my shooting skill? Any comment? Still have a lot need to be improve! Will post up my portraiture assignment photo next post. Take care.

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