Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Relationship of a guy and cars!

Hello people. how's your day? I'm doing very well here. A lot of things are waiting for me, so I might be very busy for months. But I'll try my best to update the recent me with you guys.

People say guys love cars! Can't denied because it's true. I can just talk about cars or search for any car on the web for the whole day. Every time I saw those sports, nice exterior and powerful car, I have a feeling to get one by myself soon. And two of my friend just brought a fairlady 350z. So envy!!

Fairlady! :D

I have a story here.

Before I took interior design in my college, I was thinking of going for diploma in motorsport. So I can group into a world that full of cars. Due to my financial problem and a deeply consideration, I choose Interior design as my future career which I love a lot too. :D

For now on, I guess I should really consider about what I really want? What kind of lifestyle I should live with? And I have to make a lot of my dreams come true!

Last but not least, I found out this cute little Lamborghini.

Mini Lamborghini

Cute right?

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